Joanna Pierazzo

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Faculty of Health Sciences LogoCampus Address:
1280 Main St. W., HSC 2J24J

Phone: 905.515.1726

Research Interests

Teaching & Learning Research Interests:

  • PBL within large groups
  • Simulation learning
  • Educational psychology – specifically learner engagement
  • Affective engagement in the clinical learning environment
  • Self-efficacy

Publications & Presentations

Select Teaching & Learning Research Publications & Presentations:

A selection of titles is provided below. Full citations available on request.

  • Utilizing simulation as an educational tool for the classroom.
  • Enhancing reality in simulation by mixing typologies:  The use of a standardized patient in a high-fidelity scenario.
  • Immersive High-Fidelity Simulation: An innovative interprofessional approach to linking academia and practice.
  • Enhancing clinical practice: Using patient simulators in undergraduate nursing curricula.  
  • Simulation technology in health science education: An interdisciplinary demonstration in human patient simulation.
  • Enhancing PBL with simulation: Is this really new?  
  • Can simulation enhance learning?
  • Clinical teaching: Making evaluation meaningful.  
  • Preceptor’s empowering behaviours and nursing students’ self-efficacy.
  • Facilitating clinical learning: The role of the tutor.

Interested in

Interested in:

  • Collaboration

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