Avenue to Learn Update

Avenue to Learn, the new learning management system, is now in production.  Avenue to Learn is a web-based course management system designed to create a rich online learning environment for students. Avenue to Learn includes features such as an electronic dropbox, an automated gradebook, discussion boards, and quizzes.

  • Term 1 (September to December 2012) and Term 3 (September 2012 to April 2013) Course Shells - Instructors can request their Fall/Winter 2012/13 course shells by submitting the form at http://avenue.mcmaster.ca/course/
  • Student Enrollment - In order to allow students to see a course, it must be activated first.  Instructors can activate their Avenue to Learn course by following the instructions found in the eSupport article http://avenue.mcmaster.ca/help/display.php?ID=944

Copying Course Components Between Avenue Courses

The Copy Components utility lets you copy quizzes, content, grade items, discussion forums, dropbox folders and nearly every other type of component from another course offering or a course offering’s parent template. Copying components saves you from having to recreate your course’s resources from scratch and can significantly reduce the amount of work required to create or re-offer a course.

In order to copy content and other items from a previous course, instructions can be found at http://avenue.mcmaster.ca/help/display.php?ID=891.  Instructors are encouraged not to change content in the previous course prior to copying it over in order to maintain a clean copy of the original backup.

Importing Grades

Updates have been made to the e-Support article outlining the process of importing grades from a spreadsheet into Avenue.   Please see the following link for more details:  http://avenue.mcmaster.ca/help/display.php?ID=984


Instructors and support staff are encouraged to complete Avenue to Learn training.  Sessions on Fundamentals, Grades/Dropbox, and Quizzes will be available occasionally through the year.  One on one support can be arranged if workshops are unavailable.  Please contact support at  http://avenue.mcmaster.ca/help/forms/form-ticketsubmit.html or via email at support.avenue@cll.mcmaster.ca.