Budget Guidelines for CLL Awards & Grants

    Last updated: Spring 2011

    Suggested Wages

    Undergraduate Student Assistant

    Level I

    $10.50 / hour

    Level II

    $10.75 / hour

    Level III

    $11.00 / hour

    Level IV

    $11.25 / hour

    If you intend to hire employees other than undergraduate student staff as part of your grant application (such as research assistants, graduate students), please consult the McMaster Temporary and Casual Pay Guide – June 2010 for the current appropriate wages.


    Benefits for Temporary or Casual Employees

    Benefits (e.g., CPP, EI, vacation pay) for temporary or casual employees must be included in the submitted budget.  The current rate is approximately 13%.  Please see the Ancillary Budget Guidelines (Appendix D) for the latest rates.

Fundable Item

Typical Costs

Poster Printing (McMaster Media Production Services)

$150 per poster


$30 per hour, or $1 per 100 transcribed words in an interview; $1.50 per 100 words transcribed in a focus group
(no benefits required)

Photocopying (McMaster PrintSmart)

4.5¢ per page (b&w)
25¢ per page (colour)

Optical Mark Reader Scan Sheets

15¢ per page (for purchase in multiples of 500)

Refreshments for focus groups or similar meetings

$5 per person