Copyright and Use Policy for the CLL

Complete Policy Title: Copyright and Use Policy for the CLL
Policy Number: n/a
Date of Most Recent Approval: February, 2002
Position Responsible for Developing and Maintaining the Policy: CLL/ACAC
Contact Department: CLL

DISCLAIMER: If there is a discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held by the Policy owner, the written copy prevails.

1. Use of Copyright Material

The primary function of the CLL regarding copyright is to educate faculty members about the use of such material in their computing products. Specific advice from the CLL regarding copyright material is "if you did not create it, you must have the signed permission from the copyright holder to use it, or be able to prove that it is in the public domain." We would also remind people that they may need permission even to have web links to some sites; if in doubt, ask the site owner.

2. Aiding Compliance

This policy will reside on the CLL web site.To aid in its dissemination, the CLL has added a button to the on-line form used to request setup of a WebCT (or other) course. The text with this button states that the requester has read, and understands, the CLL policy on fair use. A hyperlink will be provided which leads to the policy in case the requester needs to review the policy, as well as a link to the office of the Director & Legal Counsel, Research Contracts & Intellectual Property (ORCIP) in case further information is required. This sign-off must include people who will be developing the material with the faculty member, including staff, TAs, undergrad assistants.

3. Settling Disputes

When a claim is made that copyright has been infringed, the user of the material will have 24 hours to remove the material or prove the right to use it. Under the current freehold contract, McMaster is covered for copyright infringement under U.S. law: in such cases we have 24 hours to remove the offending material. The Director of ORCIP noted that this only covers the United States, but it is probably a good general guideline. He suggested that we refer any difficult cases to his office, but after we have removed the material from the web.

FAQ about Copyright