Distributed Manufacturing in First Year Engineering Design: Advanced Modelling Tools Intersect Low-Cost 3D Rapid Prototyping

Session Format Presentation
Author(s) Thomas E. Doyle Electrical and Computer Engineering
Session Abstract First year engineering Design and Graphics courses have traditionally focused teaching and assessment on design form. Our new approach, which is unique, transitions this focus to design function while providing a complete design cycle experience. This course design is leading a resurgence of experiential curricula that are revitalizing first year engineering education. Pedagogically framed as Project based Learning (PrBL) students are tasked with the design of retrofitting a functional gear-train to meet original specifications. Students must conceptualize, calculate, and model a solution. This solution is then three-dimensionally simulated to validate functionality before a rapid prototype of a physical working model is printed - bringing the design to life in the hands of the student. This presentation will describe the new course design, the project based learning (PrBL) model, it's benefits to student learning and engagement, and demonstrate the 3D rapid prototyping that students are using as a part of this new approach to teaching first year design.

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