Facilitating Large Course Experiential Learning with Avenue to Learn

Session Format Presentation and discussion
Author(s) Robert Fleisig Engineering 1, Faculty of Engineering
Session Abstract

In the fall of 2012, the first year course, Engineering Profession and Practice, embarked on an ambitious goal tomake a valuable contribution to a local community through the course work of its 800+ engineering students and 19 teaching staff. Avenue to Learn played an important role in facilitating interactions between our client, the community, teaching staff, and students.

The Engineering Profession and Practice is a mandatory firstyear engineering course which is centred around teachingprofessional practice skills such as team-based projectwork, communication skills, professionalism, and engineering design process. It entails two weekly lectures and a two-hour weekly tutorial.

The central project, with the Hand Therapy Clinic at Hamilton General Hospital, involved the design of a dynamic elbow orthosis to the immediate needs of two the Clinic's client, named Mr. B and Mr. F.

This presentation will provide overview of how Avenue to Learn was used to facilitate interactions, share information, perform peer reviews, and create ways for the students to contact the client and ultimately as a venue for sharing their work.

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