Integrated Communications Technology as an Instructional Tool in the Physics Laboratory

Session Format Presentation
Author(s) Hannah Dies Integrated Science Program, McMaster University, Russ Ellis Integrated Science Program, McMaster University
Session Abstract

Undergraduate laboratory experiments are intended to engage students in a process that not only provides experience with the scientific method, but ultimately teaches essential concepts while encouraging reflective analysis. However, this process is often hindered in undergraduate physics labs due to the large learning curve associated with the technology applied to complete the experiment and associated data analysis. The aim of this project is to develop and present an interactive tutorial using the DataStudio software in order to overcome this barrier. To ensure the efficacy of the tutorials, the project will include a thorough review of the literature on the purpose and pedagogy of undergraduate laboratory experiments.

The presentation will review the importance of Integrated Communications Technology (ICT) as an instructional tool, and present the most effective methods for its implementation. Finally, an analysis of how and why physics presents such a challenge to students, along with possible methods for remediating this through laboratory experiments, will be presented. The ultimate goal of this project is to not only develop an effective tutorial to aid first year students in the iSci program, but to develop a framework for implementing similar tutorials across various disciplines and programs in science.

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