Leveraging Excel for Gradebook Creativity

Session Format Workshop, Attendance limited to 15
Author(s) Bridget O'Shaughnessy Economics
Additional Details Attendance limited to 15 participants. Participants are invited to bring a usb drive with an Excel grades file.
Session Abstract In this workshop participants will learn how to use excel functions to more effectively manage their gradebook. Conditional formulas allow you to easily use different grading schemes for students depending on which assignments they complete. This allows for considerable creativity when designing your grading scheme. We will look at a large introductory course that had eight different grading schemes, depending on whether or not students completed online homework and how many tutorials they attended. You will also learn how to calculate the average grade for a group of students based on some criteria - for example, how to calculate the average grade on a test for only first year students, or for students from a particular faculty.

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