MOOCs: Lessons From the Learner's Side

Session Format Presentation with discussion
Author(s) Devon Mordell Education Services, Program for Faculty Development, RIVET
Session Abstract

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are generating a lot of interest from enthusiasts and critics alike. In this session, we'll explore the learner's experience of a MOOC and what it can tell us about online course design on a massive - and not-so-massive - scale.

The session will address questions around the MOOC model popularized by Coursera and edX ("xMOOCs"): what works well, and some of the challenges learners face in an xMOOC environment. We'll view several examples of MOOCs on the Coursera platform to identify the instructional design choices and logistical decisions made to accommodate tens of thousands of students, highlighting strategies that can be implemented in smaller-sized online courses. The session will conclude with an opportunity for discussion and sharing MOOC experiences.

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