Use of Multimedia for BioLab Teaching

Session Format Presentation
Author(s) Dr. Faiez Alani School of Engineering Technology
Session Abstract

The introduction of an audio/visual system is important in Biotechnology Labs (Biotech Labs) teaching to allow for a transition from traditional lab instruction to a multimedia method. The advantage of using a multimedia method is that lab protocols are explained step-by-step and in real time during labs. This helps students to work independently allowing the instructor more time for interaction with the students. Another advantage of this method is efficient use of single and expensive lab instruments such as the Bioreactor, the Biochemical Analyzer and the Fluorescent Microscope.

The use of images and demonstrations are important in Biotech lab teaching because it improves safety and allow students to learn new and complex protocols and skills. By transferring their images and results from different lab work stations to a monitor, students can share and compare the results from each work station which will help in understanding techniques, strengthen lab discussions, and improve the writing of final lab reports.

Many biotechnology and molecular biology reagent suppliers and diagnostic companies have their kits, techniques and protocols in multimedia formats and online. For Bachelor of Technology students, exposure to this method of conducting labs is integral to their preparation for future work. With this multimedia use in labs, each student group can watch, directly from suppliers, new and complicated Lab protocols and perform protocols efficiently in the lab with the lab instructor as facilitator rather than demonstrator.

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