Administrative Information

  1. MacLive Accounts
  2. Service Period
  3. Computer Use Code of Conduct
  4. Backups
  5. Disk Space
  6. Use of Copyright Material
  7. System Upgrades
  8. Send feedback or ask questions about Administrative Information

MacLive Accounts

Web conferencing services are offered to members of the McMaster community. Access is based on the UTS “Access to UTS Systems Policy”; thus faculty, teaching assistants, students (graduate and undergraduate) and other affiliates such as research associates will have access to the web-conferencing server.

All faculty, staff and teaching assistants are eligible to have a MacLive/Elluminate account. Faculty who request a web conferencing session are automatically given an Elluminate moderator account for that session. Moderators can add and edit meetings or sessions and participants. Moderators can assign and remove privileges to others during a session or meeting.

Students, guest speakes, research collaborators and other meeting "participants" do not need accounts to join a session. They need only the meeting URL and meeting password.

Access to Web Conferencing Sessions

Moderators schedule or setup a meeting or session and the system will generate a URL during the process. Participants use a WWW browser with downloaded Java applet to access the URL. Because we strongly recommend that moderators also password-protect meetings and archives, participants require the meeting password in addition to the URL to join a session or meeting.

Administrative Accounts

The administrators and support staff of the web conferencing systems have moderator's access to specific web conferencing sessions in order to provide needed support. All administrators and support staff that have this access have signed University confidentiality agreements. The purpose of the administrative accounts is purely for support and technical issues.

Service Period

Web Conferencing at McMaster University) on MacLive is a service provided and supported by CLL. Contact mckay @ for more information on web conferencing.

Computer Use Code of Conduct

McMaster University's Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Users applies to all web conferencing users.


System Archives

These will be performed nightly and are intended for disaster recovery situations only. Backups will be retained for one week.

Backups by Instructors/Moderators

Instructors should ensure that they have adequate backups of their presentation materials as backups are for system recovery purposes only. In accordance with University FIPPA policies, archived sessions are retained for a maximum of 1 year after the session is held.  Archives remain the intellectual property of the presenter. Presenters will be contacted annually in May regarding use of archives and assistance with downloading archives will be provided. Instructors are responsible for backups of their presentation materials and for ensuring that there is no unauthorized use of copyright material.  

Disk Space

Currently there are no limitations on the use of disk space for web conferencing archived materials, however, disk usage for archived recordings will be reviewed annually to determine if quotas are necessary.

Use of Copyright Material

The unauthorized use of copyright text, images, etc. is not legally acceptable. For more information, please see

System Upgrades

The server will be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week but is attended from Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 16:30. Upgrades to the operating systems and Elluminate are done periodically throughout the year depending on the availability of product upgrades from the vendor.

Any CLL down times are scheduled outside of normal working hours and as much advance warning as feasible is given. Announcements will be posted within the Learning Technologies Service Bulletin section on the CLL homepage


Send feedback or ask questions about administrative information

If you have any questions, feedback or would simply like to discuss our administrative policies and information, please email: