Course Design/Redesign

CLL Educational Consultants are available to help instructors design new courses and/or revamp existing ones. We offer resources and support to assist you in all stages of this process, from writing learning objectives to selecting teaching strategies and assessment methods.

Here are key course design questions to consider when designing/redesigning a course:

  • Objectives

By the end of this course what should the learners know? What should they be able to do and are there any attitudes or values you are hoping they will develop?

  • Try to identify your intended learning outcomes in a measurable way.
  • This helps to determine the content and scope of the course.
  • Teaching Methods

What will you do in class? What will students do in and out of class? What opportunities for practice and feedback are required to develop the required skills?

  • This determines what happens in the classroom, tutorial, or lab.
  • This helps you identify assignments and activities in which students will engage to learn the desired knowledge, skills and attitudes. Most student learning takes place outside of class by practicing, applying, researching, studying and so forth.
  • Assessments

How will you know if students have developed the intended knowledge, skills and attitudes? How will assessment tasks provide opportunity for practice with feedback?

  • Assessment tasks determine whether students have met the objectives. 

How to get involved:
The educational consultants and instructional designers at CLL are here to help you.  To book a consultation, contact CLL at or 905-525-9140 ext 24540.