Teaching Dossiers

A teaching dossier, also known as a teaching portfolio, is akin to a curriculum vitae (CV) focusing specifically on your teaching; it is a record of your teaching methods, accomplishments and goals. Like a CV, a teaching dossier is intended to represent you and your work to potential reviewers, documenting your experiences and strengths as an instructor by presenting facts, evidence, and self-reflection.

A teaching dossier can provide a complete picture of who you are, what you have done, and what you value as a teacher. It allows you to represent:
1. Your beliefs about students, learning and teaching.
2. Your teaching methods, responsibilities and goals.
3. Your contributions to teaching and learning in your field, at your institution, or beyond.
4. Evidence of the effects of your teaching.

Teaching dossiers are becoming increasingly common in University settings. They are often required as a part of academic hiring and performance review packages, for instance, and also play a significant role in many teaching award decisions.

CLL has extensive experience helping individual faculty members and graduate students develop their teaching dossiers. Our educational consultants are available for assistance as you draft and refine your dossier.

We have also assembled a package of resources to simplify the work involved in creating a dossier. A web version of this resource is available here (PDF). We can also provide you with sample dossiers from various disciplines to examine.

How to get involved
If you’re interested in receiving support with developing your teaching dossier, call us at extension 24540 or drop by the CLL Teaching Commons on the fifth floor of Mills Library for help.