Want to discuss a teaching and learning issue?
Interested in changing some aspect of your teaching or courses?

The educational consultants at the CLL will work with you as individual instructors, departments, or other groups directly involved in teaching and learning at McMaster to help meet your teaching and learning goals.

We are here to help. For an informal chat or more formal discussion, call the CLL at 24540.

Some examples of consulting assistance we provide:

Course Related

  • Course and program design/re-design; getting started.
  • Troubleshooting teaching and learning issues (e.g., academic dishonesty, difficult students, student evaluation, surprising test results).
  • Department-specific workshops. Workshops delivered include: Assessment, Marking Effectively, Group Facilitation Skills, Active Learning Techniques.
  • Issues related to teaching assistants.
  • Providing useful constructive feedback.

Introducing Innovation

  • Introducing course and program innovations, e.g. designing re-designing assignments, incorporating self-directed learning.
  • Introducing university-wide teaching and learning initiatives.
  • Introducing technology into teaching and learning.

Teaching Dossiers

  • Assembling a dossier for tenure and promotion, application to faculty positions, award nominations.

Recognition of Teaching

  • Determining criteria and mechanisms for teaching recognition.