Relating to Your Students

Want to get off to a good start with students? Here are a few articles with useful pointers for starting off on the right foot with students and for dealing with a variety of other issues that arise.

Relating to Students

Barbara Gross Davis at the University of California at Berkeley provides excellent suggestions in her Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence. These ideas are incorporated into her book, Tools for Teaching (more good links here), available in the CLL library.

Supervising Graduate Students

FAQ's from a session on Supervising Graduate Students with two experienced McMaster faculty members provide useful and practical suggestions.
Here is another summary note taken from a workshop on Supervising Graduate Students.

Dealing with Difficult Students and Difficult Situations

Notes from a CLL session on Dealing With Difficult Students providing concrete suggestions for dealing with those difficult situations. With input from Shelly Lancaster (McMaster Ombudsperson), Sheila Sammon (Social Work), Allison Sills (Physics & Astronomy).

Communicating Nondefensively with Students and Faculty

From a workshop at the CLL discussing our common responses to conflict and the ways we can respond nondefensively.

What do I do if Students Cheat?

All about Academic Dishonesty, with practical suggestions for helping to prevent cheating can be found at the Office of Academic Integrity.

Interactive Plagiarism Quiz

Indiana University offers an excellent interactive quiz and test to help students with the "gray" areas of plagiarism. Take the quiz with your class or ask your students to try this. The Indiana site with useful examples, suggestions, and a test.