TA Program

Are you a teaching assistant (TA) at McMaster?

The TA Program at the CLL has a wide variety of resources to help you immediately, or develop skills in teaching and learning for the future. Choose the elements you want-most sessions are free! If you have any questions, please email the TA Network Coordinator at tanet@mcmaster.ca. Office hours are from Monday and Thursday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

TA Networking

Meet TAs from across the university by attending events offered by the CLL:

  • TA Network: A network of interested graduate students developing department specific workshops.

TA Professional Development

  • Teaching Assistant Mentorship Program:
    The Mentor Program supports the growth and professional development of Teaching Assistants at McMaster. 

    Registration for the Fall Semester closes January 20, 2012.
    The TA Mentor Program provides the opportunity for TAs to develop the requisite skills and knowledge that will encourage their success as facilitators of teaching and learning in the University classroom. The program is based on a peer feedback model that provides regular and on-going opportunities for TAs to continue to refine their skills and provide support to one another.
    For more information about the program, please contact tanet@mcmaster.ca or download the registration form here.

TA Workshops and Sessions

Courses in University Teaching

  • Mini-Courses: Short non-credit courses including topics such as Discussion and Lecturing.
  • Education 750: Graduate credit course.
  • University Teaching Program : A way for graduate students to gain official credit for completing a range of activities in preparation for teaching.

Other Resources

  • Teaching Dossiers: Collecting together activities and accomplishments in teaching.
  • *Nifty Notes: Summaries of events hosted by the CLL on topics such as Large Classes, Academic Dishonesty, On-line Discussions, and Communicating Non-Defensively.
  • Individual Consultation: on any teaching topic.