Communities of Practice

The Centre for Leadership in Learning has partnered with faculty, instructional staff and student members to establish a number of Communities of Practice at McMaster.

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups of people who share a set of interests or a passion about a topic, and who increase their knowledge in this area through discussion and shared experiences.  Communities of practice create a body of shared expertise and promote best practices.

Creating Communities of Practice on the McMaster campus is a step toward creating “an inclusive community with a shared purpose”, one of the goals of Refining Directions. The creation of communities of practice was also recommended by the Task Force on Teaching and Learning (TOTAL) in its initial report released in 2008.  CoPs help bring people from across campus together who may not normally cross paths.

If you would like more information regarding a Community of Practice (either joining an existing community or establishing a new one), please contact the chair(s) or Kris Knorr at ext. 24539 (

Expand Accessibility - Chairs: Ann Fudge Schormans and Bonny Jung

Expand Community Engagement - Chairs: Adam Kuhn and Sandra Preston

Expand Level 1 Instructors - Chairs: Lovaye Kajiura and Sandra Colavecchia

Expand Pedagogy - Chairs: Joe Kim and Chris Teeter

Expand Teaching Professors - Chairs: Elzbieta Grodek and Sandra Colavecchia

Expand Teaching with Technology - Chairs: Terry McCurdy and Devon Mordell

Expand Research on Teaching and Learning - Beth Marquis and Sarah Symons


Communities of Practice at McMaster University - This document has been used as a guiding framework to structure and develop the network of Communities of Practice at McMaster University.

Roles and Responsibilities for Community of Practice Members and Chairs
- A guide for members and chairs


For date, time and location please review the CLL e-bulletin.