Sentenceworks Pilot

Sentenceworks is a web-based writing tool, that reviews text and offers guidance on,  but does not automatically correct,  grammatical errors. As well, it will compare the submission to Internet search engines for incorrectly referenced text or missing citations.

In conjunction with the Library and CSD, the Centre for Leadership in Learning will be running a pilot of Sentenceworks  from September-December 2010.  Instructors can encourage students to use this as a resource before handing in work, TA's may want to use it to help mark or during student tutorials or discussions. 

Papers and reports are not stored on the server, and this is not a replacement for Turn-it-in.   Because it is web-based, students and TA's can access it anywhere and anytime.

After registering their McMaster email address, students may paste portions of, or complete reports and essays, into the Sentenceworks website. Sentenceworks will review and provide suggestions on  grammar usage and missing citations. Students are responsible for applying corrections to the source document.