Wiki FAQs

Wiki User Accounts Format

For submitting student groups to setup on wiki, please download the wiki_users_example.xls.


A very powerful revision control feature is inherent to virtually all wiki software packages. Whenever a page is edited, a copy of the previous version of the page is saved.

By looking at the "revisions" tab of a particular wiki page, you can see how that page looked at *any* previous point in time. This allows the user to restore any previous version in the event of accidental changes, defacement, etc. You can also compare any two revisions of a page to see what changes have been made. Just as with wikipedia, you can also obtain a "permanent link" to a particular version of a wiki page so passing along that URL will allow others to see the page as you saw it (instead of just seeing the current revision).

From the server administration perspective we keep a 7-day backup rotation of the wikis for disaster recovery purposes.

Extra Space issue

There is a rendering bug in IE. We recommend to switch to another web browser, i.e. Firefox.