Outcomes-based Education

The development and implementation of clear expectations regarding undergraduate and graduate student learning outcomes is a key feature of learner-centered education. With the implementation of the new Quality Assurance Framework and the Degree Level Expectations, Ontario has adopted a learner-centered, outcomes-based educational model, an approach that focuses on the intended learning outcomes that result from instruction.

Outcomes-based education has a number of advantages for instructors, educational developers, administrators and students, including:

  • Providing a strategic way to enhance the quality of teaching and learning;
  • Helping to ensure the approval and accreditation of new and existing programs;
  • Providing a mechanism for ensuring accountability and quality assurance;
  • Helping students to take responsibility for their own learning;
  • Providing a means for students to articulate the knowledge, skills and experience acquired during their program;
  • Providing a framework for collaborative curriculum planning;
  • Providing a tool for evaluating and improving the curriculum; and
  • Helping to encourage continuity between undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education.

To view a brief video on outcomes-based education, click here.