Program Approvals

The Degree Level Expectations figure in the following sections of the Protocol for New Program Approvals:

Program Objectives (Section 2.1.1)

  • Clarity and appropriateness of the program’s requirements and associated learning outcomes in addressing the institution’s own undergraduate and graduate Degree Level Expectations

New Program Approvals (Section 2.1.3)

  • Appropriateness of the program's structure and regulations to meet specified program learning outcomes and degree level expectations

Mode of Delivery (Section 2.1.5)

  • Appropriateness of proposed mode(s) of delivery for the assessment of student achievement of the intended learning outcomes and Degree Level Expectations

Assessment of Teaching and Learning (Section 2.1.6)

  • Appropriateness of the proposed methods for the assessment of student achievement of the intended program learning outcomes and Degree Level Expectations
  • Completeness of plans for documenting and demonstrating the level of performance of students, consistent with the institution’s statement of Degree Level Expectations

Cyclical Review of Existing Programs
The Degree Level Expectations, combined with the expert judgment of external disciplinary scholars, provide the benchmarks for assessing an existing program’s standards and quality.

Objectives (Section 4.3.1)

  • Program requirements and learning outcomes are clear, appropriate and align with the institution’s statement of the undergraduate and/or graduate Degree Level Expectations.  

Teaching and Assessment (Section 4.3.4)

  • Methods for assessing student achievement of the defined learning outcomes and degree learning expectations are appropriate and effective.
  • Appropriateness and effectiveness of the means of assessment, especially in the students’ final year of the program, in clearly demonstrating achievement of the program learning objectives and the institution’s (or the Program’s own) statement of Degree Level Expectations.”

The Evaluation Criteria are taken directly from the Quality Assurance Framework