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Due Diligence Training Session


This course reviews Supervisor's duties & responsibilities under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as provides tools and information to assist supervisors in fulfilling their workplace role.

The Criminal Code of Canada is discussed as well as McMaster University's Workplace & Environmental Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Programs contained in the Risk Management Manual. Workplace scenarios are examined in addition to the responsibilities of students, volunteers and visitors.

EOHSS provides a reference document, including the powerpoint slides at our live sessions.  If you would like to have copies of these materials, contact in advance of you viewing the show.  Include your name and mailing address, and we will put the materials in the mail to you.






Length: 48 mins

Learning Objectives

  • Improve Health and Safety at McMaster University
  • Make supervisors aware of their duties & responsibilities
  • Provide supervisors with the tools to perform their duties competently
  • Ensure that the University has fulfilled its duties to all employees, faculty and students