Teaching and Learning Resources

Classroom Management

The resources in this section describe ideas and techniques for establishing and maintaining a welcoming, civil, and respectful classroom environment in which learning can flourish. Research suggests there is a thin line between civility and incivility. Consideration and awareness of potential challenges can help to foster a civil learning community and prevent hot moments in the classroom.

Related Resources

A Top Ten list of ways to take charge of the classroom and useful strategies to create and maintain a positive classroom atmosphere. (PDF From Queen’s University.)

The issue of classroom civility has been a topic of increasing attention in recent years. In this piece, Zopito Marini draws upon bullying research to develop a model of classroom incivility that offers insight into ways in which this phenomenon might be prevented.

A tip sheet produced by the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University, which sets out some practical strategies for transforming charged and potentially uncomfortable moments in the classroom into rich learning experiences.

The University of Waterloo has great ideas for instructors on conflict management as well as suggestions on how to respond to conflict with students.