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Students, faculty and staff at McMaster University come from diverse backgrounds and cultures as well as a multitude of different personal situations. These are important considerations when planning and teaching a course. McMaster has several policies regarding diversity, the link to which can be found below.  Students with disabilities may require accommodations in class and/or during testing. Students are responsible for making these arrangements with Student Accessibility Services and their individual instructors.  Alternative arrangements may also be required for students who miss a class, test, or assignment for a religious holiday.  These are two examples of considerations that can help create an inclusive classroom.  You will find here, several resources to support you in your consideration of inclusivity in your courses.

Related Resources

Human Rights and Equity Services
the office in charge of insuring all inclusivity and equity policies are executed fairly

McMaster Policies on Inclusivity
a list of the university’s policies and how they are implemented

Accessibility Home Page  AODA Standards

Student Accessibility Services
FAQs for Faculty regarding students with disabilities

Diversity, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University.

Diversity Calendar (University of Kansas)
a list of religious and other holidays from around the world

Ouellett, Mathew L. ed. Teaching Inclusively. Stillwater: New Forums Press, 2005.
This article presents an in depth examination of how to create an inclusive classroom and deal with possible obstacles to this goal. This is available in the CLL Library.