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Textbook Selection

Textbook selection can be a challenging task due to the staggering number of academic titles in print and online today. The process of researching textbooks for the purpose of selecting appropriate course materials has come a long way as a result of the Internet. New tools are now available that consolidate and refine the process. While word-of-mouth, publisher representatives and colleague based information streams are still useful; resources they have been greatly enhanced by the advent of new cooperative efforts to amass these various methods into one process. An example of an online resource is listed below, dedicated to streamlining the search for the best textbook.

Related Resources

Textbook Adoption Form (from McMaster University Bookstore)

Titles Faculty FAQs offers information from the McMaster University Bookstore on how to adopt textbooks for your course.

Faculty Online is a comprehensive website for university faculty members looking for textbooks and academic material to be used in the classroom. It offers access to publisher’s sites, connection to faculty who may be using a text you are interested in and an online syllabus library.

Evaluating College Textbooks for Course Adoption is an interesting article which accounts some of the challenges in choosing the “right” text for your course and your students.