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Tutorials play a central role in students’ academic success as well as their overall satisfaction with university life; they are the personal face of the University for undergraduate students, particularly first year students. The aim of a tutorial is to help students to link the material presented in lectures with the textbook readings, giving them a chance to discuss ideas and ask questions for clarification.
Through the use of an active learning approach students have an opportunity to discussion and problem solve, while tutors are provided with an opportunity to give individual attention to students. A well-planned tutorial can be highly interactive, promotes student discussion, debate and critical reflection, and can engage students in the disciplinary content by way of analysis of the material being studied.

See also Small Group Teaching

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The Centre for Leadership in Learning at McMaster University has written an inclusive TA Guide (PDF) that discusses aspects of the tutorial from the perspective of the teaching assistant. See pages 10-13

How to Structure and Teach a Tutorial is an excellent how-to guide that addresses everything from the definition of what a tutorial is for to  planning the first tutorial.

The Higher Education Academy’s Tutorial Teaching page offers ideas and tips on tutorial teaching.