McMaster University has been involved in teaching Inquiry - a largely question driven form of Self-Directed Learning - for over twenty years in elite programs and professional schools. We now offer Inquiry to all first year students with demand for Inquiry courses at upper levels. In 2001, over 670 students in year one chose an Inquiry course. Students tell us these courses are valuable, and instructors often find it their most satisfying teaching experience.

Inquiry courses are skill-driven rather than content-driven, focusing on the skills required to perform effectively at university and well beyond university. These generalizable skills help students hone skills equally useful for advanced levels of academic research.

Other Inquiry Resources

  • Inquiry@Queens is a comprehensive website that focuses on facilitating the student discovery of well-conducted undergraduate research. It discusses the method of Inquiry as well as hosting a bibliography of Inquiry resources for teaching Inquiry.
  • The Inquiry Page
    A description of Inquiry and the underlying philosophy. A resource for tools, research opportunities, discussion fostering inquiry-based learning.
  • Linking Teaching and Research in the Disciplines
    This national project for the Generic Subject Centre/Learning and Teaching Subject Network.

Inquiry Teaching Tips

Inquiry Resources

Inquiry in the Disciplines
Inquiry approaches from multiple disciplines, including those that use Inquiry-Style Projects

Problem-Based Learning